The Distributors of Liquid Hand Soap

Distributors of liquid hand soap are many large Iranian stores and shirts, these distributors supply liquid hand soap to different markets with reasonable packaging and prices. They also export these soaps with special quality and unique design even to neighboring countries and Europe. For more information, please contact with our company.

the Distributers of Liquid Hand Soap

What Is the Active Ingredient in Liquid Hand Soap?

What Is the Active Ingredient in Liquid Hand Soap? The main ingredients of hand soap are Liquid Soap Ingredient (insoluble in water) and soda (soluble in water). Another name for caustic soda is sodium hydroxide. A good solvent should be used to make soap. Alcohol is the best solvent for soap. Soap is used in soaps, unlike sodium salt detergents, which are harder, while potassium salts are softer and are therefore used to make liquid soaps and cream creams. The best Iranian body soap and bath are for different skin types. As you know, today all kinds of soaps are used to cleanse and wash the body and face. But before, they did not have this application and more attention was paid to their medicinal properties and use in industry and cleaning dishes. Soaps can be made from the alkaline hydrolysis of natural fats and oils (esters of fatty acids with glycerol) such as tallow, coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil and talc, which is called the soaping process: It should be noted that in the new methods, direct hydrolysis of fats by water at high temperatures is used. This enables the purification and separation of fatty acids that are neutralized by soaps and lays the foundation for an ongoing process. From a chemical point of view, soaps, metal salts, fatty acids (carboxylic acids) are straight chains with about 10-18 carbon atoms. Although all metal salts are soap fatty acids, only alkaline salts (sodium and potassium) are soluble in water and have cleansing properties. Alkaline earth metal salts (such as calcium, magnesium, etc.) do not dissolve in water. Hence, ordinary soaps precipitate in hard water in the presence of calcium and magnesium ions. In this way, the soap does not foam well and loses its cleansing properties. Aluminum acids and salts are also insoluble in water and soluble in oils and are used in emollients, paints, polishing oils and waterproofing materials. Salts of heavy metal acids such as cobalt or copper are also used as desiccants in building paints and inks, fungicides and waterproofing materials.

The Differences between Bar Soap and Liquid Soap

The Differences between Bar Soap and Liquid Soap Soap is actually a product that is often used as a cosmetic cleanser. Such as luxury soaps, Dietol, etc., which are mostly used in hand washing in cosmetics. In fact, toilet soap or cosmetic soap is an object that is referred to as a soap with a sweet and pleasant smell and body wash, which from 2006 onwards, according to researchers, has been a reliable means of cleaning hands. According to the same researchers, the fatty acids in soap decompose and foam in contact with water (because the higher the fatty acids in the soap, the greater its cleansing power). This increases the solubility of the soap foam with what is on the hand that water alone can not kill all the bacteria and germs on the hand. As mentioned, bar soap is often used as a face and body cleanser. However, due to its emollient properties, Liquid Soap Differences can be used in more cases than soap and it is easier to use. The use of Bar Soap does not appear to transmit the virus and disease, and according to the recommended guidelines for combating disease transmission and infection, the use of Bar Soap and Liquid Soap is equally effective in disinfecting disease and infection.

Liquid Hand Soap at Cheap Price

 Liquid Hand Soap at Cheap Price Liquid hand soap is offered to customers at a cheap price by many reputable stores and chains with suitable quality. You can also easily buy these soaps at cheap and desired prices from online stores. In general, the Liquid Soap Price varies in some stores.

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