High-Quality Detergent Powder for Export in 2020

Before buying and choosing the method of purchase, we must
first determine whether we intend to buy bulk detergent powder or packaging and
then choose our method of purchase. In order to buy bulk powder, customers
should go to wholesale or distributors of these products. Some issues including
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high quality detergent powder for export in 2020

When was detergent powder invented?

 When was detergent powder invented?

The history of manufacturing and manufacturing laundry
powder is as closely related as any other commodity. The need to wash and clean
our clothes, skin and hair, forced our ancestors to make all kinds of laundry
powders, bleachers and softeners. And the evolution of these detergents
continues with us, the ones we haven’t seen or seen.  The history of
manufacturing and manufacturing washing powder is directly related to the
history of the invention of soap. The first signs of soap were first found in
Babylon. Signs that our ancestors made soap five years ago. The documents found
in ancient Egypt also show much evidence that the Egyptians used soap. From
baths to clinics and laundry to that time, soaps have played a special role
everywhere.  In fact, it was the Romans who made the use of soap,
oil, and ash popular and common. At that time, the general public, as well as the
noble families, used detergent products, most of which were soap. After the
fall of the Roman Empire, the tradition of washing in Europe disappeared in the
5th century, causing poor health on the continent, resulting in diseases such
as plague and the like for up to a thousand years for Europeans. And not

 But after the seventeenth century, detergents and sanitation
returned to Europe again. Other than soap, the other detergent used to wash
clothes was alkyl benzene sulfonate. But since it was not able to kill bacteria
or fungi, manufacturers were forced to use other advanced materials that could
kill living fats and germs. Since then, various manufacturers have been looking
for ways to improve detergent powders. Ways to help make powders or detergents
that do not damage the textile while damaging the texture of dirt, bacteria and


Where is detergent powder found?

The new detergent was economically more economical and the
increased washing power of these new agents substantially reduced the amount of
manual labor in the laundry. Another important breakthrough was the transfer of
technology from the hard work of manual washing to the washing machine. This
change led to a different set of detergent formulations. Soaps, known as a hard
water-sensitive agent, were gradually replaced by better synthetic surfactants.
The first special ingredient to replace the soap was oil alcohol sulfate, which
was discovered in Germany in 1928 by Bertisch and Corkers. The presence of
synthetic alkyl sulfates based on natural oils that enabled better washability
of primary natural detergents was introduced by Fama in Germany in 1932, and in
1933 it was introduced to the US market. The receiving device continued. Oil
alkyl sulfates and their derivatives (ether alkyl sulfates, which are obtained
by the reaction of oil alkyls with ethylene oxides prior to sulfation) are
usually of importance in many applications, especially in strong detergents.
Specialty items include washing agents, cosmetics, and toilets. The general
acceptance of synthetic surfactants, with their lower sensitivity to hard water
than soap, is a breakthrough in the years following World War II. Poland and
Gamble also introduced synthetic detergent TID in the United States in 1946.

However, new criteria for surfactants were introduced, but
the criteria for biodegradability were ignored. As a result of some extremely
hot summers in Germany, especially in 1959, the multi-river waterway near the
wall and other obstacles were blocked by wax. These substances are caused by the
biological degradation of TPS and nonylphenol ethoxylates and are the second
group of detergents recently introduced. However, the discovery that many
surfactants could even pass through a modern sewage plant led to the adoption
of the Detergent Act of 1961, which became applicable in 1964. The law
prohibits industry owners from selling any detergents and detergents whose
biological degradability is below 80% in a test designed by the Detergent
Commission. Initially, only anionic surfactants were effectively used for
washing, but later nonionic surfactants were also incorporated. However,
Germany quickly followed suit with similar legislation in most countries, such
as France, Italy and Japan. Branched alkyl benzene sulfonates and nonyl phenol ethoxylates
were largely and effectively substituted with linear alkylbenzene sulfonates
and ethyl alcohol ethoxylates.

Another important step in the development of detergents is
the substitution of complexing agents rather than sodium carbonate-like
constituents. The first functional complexing agent was a type of sodium
diphosphate but was replaced by more effective sodium triphosphate after World
War II. Recently inorganic ion exchangers such as zeolites have been introduced
as constituents. Nowadays, many types of natural soaps have a lot of fans
originating from prehistory. Since water is a vital factor for life, early
humans also lived near the water and had information about its cleansing
properties, at least knowing that water could wash away mud. Finding a soap-like material during excavations in the
ancient city of Babylon is evidence that soap existed even in 2800 BC. The
information on the inscriptions indicates that at that time they were boiling
the ashes with the ashes, which is actually the same way of making soap, but
they did not mean making soap but using it as a hair conditioner.

detergent powder Suppliers & Exporters in USA

detergent powder Suppliers & Exporters in USA

Since the washing powder has been manufactured, it has been
easier to clean the stains. One of the characteristics of high strength washing
powder is the detergent and the absence of residual washing powder on the
clothes. You can go straight to the factories to buy the laundry powder at a
reasonable price, but that is not the case for everyone, so corporate
representatives have made it easier and shorter for you to make the purchase
more affordable.

Frequent buyers of bulk washing powder include:

  • Hotels
  • Inns
  • Dormitories
  • Large organizations

One of the reasons for buying bulk laundry detergents at
these centers is the high level of washing and excessive use of laundry
detergents, due to the lower costs of washing and instead of detergent
quality, detergent purchases and They do their health mainly. The conditions for granting a detergent dealer will vary
depending on the manufacturer and brand of detergent and its type. Sometimes the manufacturing companies issue a notice of
agency request, or sometimes you go to the manufacturer of your choice and
offer a dealership in your area of ​​interest. In both cases, detergent dealer tips are discussed and then
closed if agreed between the two parties in different areas. Activex laundry,
bulk laundry detergent for export and other brands all have significant
variations in design and packaging. Washing powder factories are not limited to making all kinds
of hand and machine washing powder. These factories annually produce and market
large quantities of detergents and hygiene products, such as toiletries, liquid
dishwashers, shampoos, soaps, and so on. They play an important role in
protecting human health and health, as we have seen, and are among the top-selling products on the market.


Who are the consumers of detergent powder?

As you know, the wholesale purchase of detergents usually
includes a discount. But this discount is especially given to buyers. So that
with the increase in purchases the discount rate increases. It also benefits
the major buyers. Washing machine powder sales in the domestic market are
usually based on consumers and buyers. Today, big brands are doing widespread
television advertising to attract more customers. Manufacturing companies spend
good money on advertising to attract consumers.

detergent powder Suppliers in UK

 detergent powder Suppliers in UK

Most of the laundry powder made in Germany is easily
dissolved in cold water and has a great foaming effect, with excellent cleaning
ability. Homemade Kerr with 10 enzymes creates a unique blend that cleanses and
brightens the clothes, giving them a softness. The ultimate in cleanliness,
combined with the freshness and freshness of lavender and spring orange, is the
powdered German for your clothes. To wash clothes, first, separate them by color
and make sure they are stable before washing. Also, take note of the recommended
washing tips and temperatures on the clothing label. Then soak the clothes in
an appropriate amount of water and powder solution and rinse thoroughly. This
powder is not recommended for washing silk and woolen clothes.

Laundry powder made in Germany is special cold water
containing 10 unique enzymes and has excellent cleaning ability. With powdered
lavender and orange blossom, this powder has to soften properties and gives
your clothes a softness. The handmade powder is one of the essential hygienic products
that major retailers in Iran offer online and in the market in Tehran. Handwashing powders have different types, each with
different prices in the market. The price of this product varies depending on
the type of packaging, the size, and weight of the package and the quality and
quality of the product. For example, the price of a handmade powder differs
from the price of a handmade sea powder, or the price of a handmade foam powder
differs from an orchid hand powder. The reason for this difference in prices
depends on the quality of the products apart from the packaging of each brand.
Some hand-made powders contain colored grains that have better spotting and cleaning
properties and are naturally more expensive, but others that are simpler have
lower prices.

 Washing powder factories and companies manufacture and
deliver bulk types of laundry detergents, both in bulk and in bulk. One of the
bulk washing powder production factories is Yazd Washing Powder Production The factory which annually produces and markets all kinds of washing powders both
for sale in bulk and for bulk sale. Bulk sale of washing powder in the country is done through
major distribution centers. In these centers, all kinds of washing powder are
offered in bulk and in bulk at a cheaper price than the market price. Dear
buyers, If you are going to buy washing powder, for example, you would like
to buy a sculpture washing powder, because the price of a sculpture washing
powder in the major distribution centers is lower and cheaper than in stores
and Other centers.


Best detergent powder European brands 2019

The use of exterior quality powders for new high-tech
washing is a must. The reason for the poor quality of Iranian powders is
because the purification and neutralization of harmful acids involve costing
processes. Unfortunately, most of our people go to the cheapest because of the ignorance of these issues without being aware of the disadvantages. The
disadvantages of having a detrimental effect on the interior of the machine and
clothing over time. White clothes are made with high purifying power and make
the clothes shine. The main difference between washing white clothes with this
type of powder, in the long run, is determined by keeping the white color of the
clothing stable. White clothes that are washed with non-standard powders will
eventually become opaque and turn yellow, which in addition to improper
appearance will cause some bacteria and fungi to remain on the fibers,
especially for underwear that is very sensitive. Choosing the best brand of
washing machine powder for white clothes will not only help to maintain the
beauty of the clothes but also increase the life of the clothes.

A great way to detect washing powder for white clothes

Foreign brands manufactured in Iran do not usually have the
word “white” written on them, but in an image or graphic design with
one or more white fabrics folded up or showing people wearing white clothing.
Or on the package marked with white flowers. Foreign brands of laundry powder manufactured in the country
of the word White are included in the packaging. Laundry detergent brands of good quality on the packaging
put the sentence “for white clothes” or a similar sentence. The best type of washing machine powder for white clothing
cannot be named with certainty. There are many options for choosing the best
washing machine powder but for better purchase consider the following.

Washing powder suitable for garments and colored fabrics:

The cleansing power of these powders is controlled so as not
to damage the color of the fabric; however, it eliminates stains and dirt on
the fabric. Powders that are non-standard or weaker pose two problems. Either
they are damaged by the color of the fabric or have a lower cleaning power. In
the worst case, it can damage the fabric and cause the garment to rot. Powder
that does not meet the basic standards for production will in the long run lead
to decay. That is why choosing and buying the best washing machine powder is
very important in life. Sometimes lack of information about washing machine
powder can cause mistaken use of white clothing for colored clothes, which can
damage the color of the fabric and cause the clothing to wear out faster than
usual. . Here are some tips to identify and choose the best washing machine
powder for colored clothing; Foreign brands of washing machine powder manufactured in
Iran do not usually include the word “color” on them, but are
embedded in an image or graphic design that has several colored fabrics
overlapped or people wearing colored clothing. They use colored flowers on the
box, and this powder has been shown to be for colored clothes. Use well-known brands, especially licensed ones. In foreign
brands, the word color or color appears on the packaging. Domestic washing machine powder brands that are of good
quality are easily inserted on the packaging for the word “for colored

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