Direct Supply of Antibacterial Hand Soap

Direct supply of antibacterial hand soap is done by many large chain stores, these stores offer hand soap in bulk and even in part to customers at reasonable prices and quality. This type of soap has many fans in the country. So, for more information, please contact with our company.

Direct Supply of Antibacterial Hand Soap

What Is Antibacterial Hand Soap Used For?

What Is Antibacterial Hand Soap Used For? Many families consider using antibacterial soaps and other similar products to protect themselves against germs and diseases. However, studies have shown that not only can you spend extra money on these products in vain, but you can also endanger your health by overusing them. Studies have shown that Antibacterial Soap Usage on the market have no additional effect compared to the use of ordinary soap and water. Accordingly, paying extra to buy antibacterial products does not create an additional barrier against germs. Ordinary soaps are also naturally antimicrobial. Studies by the US Food and Drug Administration have shown that the use of antibacterial products does not offer greater antimicrobial benefits than regular soap and water. In response to a question about the effectiveness of antibacterial and antimicrobial products, the US Food and Drug Administration has expressed concern about the disinfectants and chemicals added to these products and endangering the health of users. Antibacterial soaps have been very popular for several years because some people think that these types of soaps kill more bacteria than regular types. Laboratory assemblies have shown that an additive to antibacterial products called triclosan can endanger human health. For example, mice exposed to products containing triclosan showed high levels of hormones (such as testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid) that could lead to adverse outcomes such as premature puberty, certain types of cancer, and infertility. Studies have shown that overuse of antimicrobial products is similar to overuse of antibiotics. Eventually, the body is exposed to drug-resistant germs and as a result will not be able to fight the mutated bacteria. Many antibacterial and antiseptic products advertise that they can prevent colds and infections, and in most cases the virus is the cause of the disease and responds to antibiotics.

What Is the Main Ingredient in Antibacterial Hand Soap?

What Is the Main Ingredient in Antibacterial Hand Soap? About 75% of Antibacterial Soap Ingredient and 30% of antibacterial liquids use a chemical called triclosan as the active ingredient. In addition to triclosan, other harmful chemicals found in most antibacterial soaps include: Trichlorocarbon, 2-boutique sodium, bisphenol A, d-limonene, dye, paraben, phthalate and chloride. Many experts believe that regular use of products containing these chemicals can be harmful to your health. In September 2016, FDA researchers stated that other manufacturers could no longer use antibacterial detergents containing certain amounts of these active ingredients in the United States for sale. Because the manufacturers could not prove that daily use of the ingredients of these products in the long run is safer and more effective than soap and plain water to prevent disease and the spread of some infections. The strong antibacterial agent in these soaps, Tricosan, drastically reduces the skin’s hydraulic fat. This dries the skin and causes symptoms such as mild itching, redness, burning and scaling. That’s why the American Dermatological Association does not recommend the use of antibacterial soaps. Instead of these cleansers, you can use a mild soap containing natural ingredients such as aloe vera or coconut oil. Do not forget to use a moisturizer after washing your hands with any soap. Another study in the 2011 Environmental Health Outlook reported that triclosan may adversely affect immune function and cause allergies or hay fever.

Antibacterial Hand Soap at Factory Price

  Antibacterial Hand Soap at Factory Price Antibacterial hand soap is offered to customers at factory prices in many large stores in the city in all provinces. Providing antibacterial hand soap with factory price and suitable quality will attract more customers to this type of soap. Also, the supply of this type of Antibacterial Soap price can be seen in some reputable online stores, which makes customers make their purchases more safely.

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